Abrir Paso 3K - España - Galicia

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Abrir Paso 3K - España - Galicia - This Miraflores text covers Un desastre ecológico in Galicia: el Prestige and El Camino de Santiago. Oil not only fuels our engines, it soils our oceans. When the oil tanker Prestige sank off the coast of Galicia, the entire coast line was affected. Like the Exxon Valdes in Alaska, the consequences for the ecology of the region and the livelihood of its inhabitants were colossal. A discussion on our dependence on oil will raise important subjects.

Saint James is said to have visited Galicia twice and according to legend is buried in Santiago de Compostela. A cathedral marks the spot and serves as magnet to thousands of pilgrims. During the Middle Ages, pilgrims walked to Santiago from as far away as Germany; today the Pilgrimage Road to Santiago is filled with modern pilgrims of all ages. Whereas in the past they came to receive absolution for their sins, discover why today's pilgrim walk for months on end. The unit is written from the point of view of a several pilgrims, all with very different goals. This unit also includes a game on the Camino de Santiago that highlights both the peril and the pleasure.

Subject matter: ecology, history, legend
Vocabulary: ecology, pollution, pilgrim/pilgrimage
Grammar: imperfect, preterite
Oral practice: each individual counts; the best and worst of El Camino
Homework: plant a tree; research into topics of interest
Internet: key words list to facilitate a search
Model tests and teacher's guide