Abrir Paso 3H - Mexico

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Abrir Paso 3H - Mexico - This Miraflores unit covers tourism and natural science.

México: Ciencias naturales y turismo

    • Nace un volcán: el Paricutí­n

  • El turismo como industria: Cancún y Huatulco

A farmer was working in his field when suddenly, right there, a volcano started to grow. A week later, a hill that spouted lava stood in the field and a month later there was a volcano. Discover the birth of a volcano and the ravages it inflicted on two villages, the people and the animals. What happened to them? Where did they go? This unit has a role playing activity where students have a town hall meeting with the local authorities to hammer out the details of their relocation.

The Mexican government decided to create resorts in places that were formerly tiny villages. How did they go about it and what were the results? Is tourism good or bad for the local inhabitants? How is the wealth generated by these huge resorts distributed?

Subject matter: science, geography, tourism
Vocabulary: mountains, hotels, beaches
Grammar: ser / estar in preterit and imperfect; future
Oral practice: town hall meeting; type of tourism preferred; analyze a cartoon
Homework: describe a scientific or a natural phenomenon; future vacations
Internet: Key word list to facilitate a search

Paperback, 20 pages.