Abrir Paso 3J - Argentina

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Abrir Paso 3 J - Argentina - This Miraflores text on Argentina covers La telenovela and Jorge Luis Borges. Love, love, love! The whole world is interested in the subject! Latin American soap operas are sold to over 100 countries and watched by millions the world over. What makes them so popular? With the information on themes and the vocabulary provided, your students will write their own soap operas. Enjoy!

Learn about Borge's life from early childhood to old age by comparing his life to examples from your students reality. Since Borges was blind, (he inherited an illness that progressively blinded him), the unit deals with the five senses and how people cope with disabilities.

Subject matter: television, literature
Vocabulary: television, literary genres, the five senses
Grammar: past tenses: perfect, preterit, imperfect
Oral practice: movies, actors, directors, a survey; theater
Homework: interview with an author, painter or photographer; write a TV soap
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide