Abrir Paso 2M - Peru

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Abrir Paso 2M - Peru - This Miraflores text covers Peru - El Cusco and El Señor de Sipán. Fiestas! Celebrations! The Incas had great gatherings in their capital, Cusco, to celebrate the winter solstice. Today Peruvians celebrate the same day in the same place. Learn all about Peruvian fiestas, combining Inca and Peruvian, past and present, new and old.

An archeological dig is a huge challenge! The archeologists want to save the artifacts for posterity; the police are desperate to keep the peace; the local people would like to make some money (some legally, others illegally) from the excavation. Delve into the mysteries of one specific dig, the Señor de Sipán, considered as important as the discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Egypt. As always, this is a text for the Spanish teacher and students for it deals with the preterit and adverbs of place.

Subject matter: celebrations; arqueology
Vocabulary: celebrations; body; verbs of movement
Grammar: preterit
Oral practice: Neruda poem; express points of view
Homework: visit Machu Picchu; pretend being an archeologist
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide