Abrir Paso 2L - Bolivia

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Abrir Paso 2L - Bolivia - This Miraflores text covers La llama and La mina de Potosí­ in Bolivia. You may know that llama wool is used to make ponchos and sweaters. But did you know that the Incas sacrificed llamas in their rituals? That even today the excrement is used as fuel; that llama meat is considered a delicacy; that their fur makes warm slippers? Broaden their horizons!

Bolivia's mines introduce a world of dangerous work but they are also a way of practicing those tricky reflexive verbs. Entire families work in the mines and child labor makes for an excellent discussion. Are the children that work in the mines any different from those that flip hamburgers? And if so, how are they different? The units make your students reflect, analyze and compare their world with other realities.

Subject matter: animals; mines
Vocabulary: animals; modes of transportation
Grammar: por / para; reflexive verbs
Oral practice: working children
Homework: NGOs in Bolivia; project: to better the conditions of a specific group
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide