Abrir Paso 2I - El Mundo natural

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Abrir Paso 2 I - El Mundo natural - This Miraflores text covers El rí­o Amazonas, los Andes and El desierto de Atacama. High mountains, vast deserts and long rivers! South America's geography lends itself to scientific study. Who were the first scientists to scale the Andes, sail the Amazon River across the continent and delve into the mysteries of the driest desert on earth? What did they discover? Use all three units to interest your students in science, ecology and weather! These units will appeal to the many students who care about the future of our planet.

Subject matter: mountains, water and desert; science
Vocabulary: mountains, rivers, oceans, lakes, climate, seasons
Grammar: poder, querer, comparatives
Oral practice: comparisons with Rockies, Mississippi
Homework: science project
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide