Abrir Paso 1M - El nuevo milenio

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Abrir Paso 1M - El nuevo milenio - This Miraflores text covers Adiós peseta, La computadora - el ordernador, El fútbol. Spain moves into the new millennium! Now part of the European Union, the Euro permits free access to all the countries. Students compare the old bills with the new ones. Numbers!

Not only will the students learn the vocabulary of the computer, they will find out that there are words that are said differently in Spain and in the Americas. The unit gives excellent information on search engines in Spanish and allows the students to write emails in Spanish.

Soccer! What a wonderful game! The whole world plays soccer. All you need is a ball! Get your students to talk about the World Cup, about other sports and all of this using gustar, interesar and encantar.

Subject matter: money; computers; sports
Vocabulary: money (caro / barato); computers, sports
Grammar: verbs, gustar, interesar, encantar
Oral practice: prices, a poll
Homework: literary, mathematical or artistic options; Net search; ID card
Internet: key words for Net search
Model tests and teacher's guide