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About Baghdad DVD - 2004 film directed by and starring Sinan Antoon, Bassam Haddad, Maya Mikdashi, Suzy Salamy and Adam Shapiro. About Baghdad is the first film made about Iraq after the fall of the Ba'ath regime in July 2003. It is also perhaps the first effort to show the voices of the Iraqi people, from all walks of life and social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. While many have talked about and for the Iraqi people, few media outlets have sought to probe beyond the simplistic binary of pro-US/pro-Saddam perspective so often found in Western and Arab media portrayals of Iraq. About Baghdad presents Iraqis who describe the pain, complexity and suffering of living under decades of tyranny, oppression, wars, sanctions and now occupation. Silenced for so long by a regime that sought to replace the people with the image of just one man, and re-silenced by the bombs and occupation forces, the Iraqi people long to speak out and to claim their future. About Baghdad is a small step forward towards that goal in presenting audiences with their first opportunity to hear unadulterated Iraqi voices that should be privileged regardless of one's perspective on the war and the justifications given for it. We found in Baghdad a people who are tired, traumatized and uncertain about their future, and yet determined and united in seeking to build a strong nation for its people. The DVD includes filmmakers bios, slideshow and bonus documents (DVD-ROM). Color, 90 minutes, unrated.