A2-B1 - ¿ Qué tiempo hace?

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¿ Qué tiempo hace? is an engaging and entertaining board game which helps players to  learn and practice the vocabulary used to describe and forecast the weather. The game helps players to broaden their weather related vocabulary and stimulates logical thinking. As they play the game, players increase their written and oral knowledge
of the foreign language.

• Box
• 1 map of a country
• 60 weather symbols
• 100 cards
• instruction booklet

Key Features:
• The icons will help learners to assimilate and memorize new terms in a fun natural way.
• The game is straightforward and user-friendly.

The game consists of a map, 60 weather symbols and 100 cards. The cards are divided into:
• 30 weather cards: they help players to become familiar with the most common words used to describe the weather.
• 70 “Mr Breezy” cards: they help players to understand word order, broaden their weather related vocabulary, practise talking about the weather and improve their comprehension.
The game leader takes one of the 30 weather cards, chooses a location on the map and informs the other players of the weather situation at the chosen location on the map. The player whose turn it is then places the weather symbol which corresponds to the description at the place chosen by the game leader.

Teacher’s Guide
The instruction booklet contains instructions and tips about the many different ways to use this game: for lessons either in a classroom or at home, or for distance learning during online courses or lessons.