A L'Abordage Pit! (Courage Pit)

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A L'Abordage Pit! (Courage Pit) - Ages 6 - 12. Bilingual interactive story about a brave young boy who must face something even scarier than pirates! Read the latest title in the J'Aime Lire series in French or English. Captain Lof put two rhinoceroses on board his ship. Pit, the sailor, is horrendously afraid of the huge animals. Unluckily for him, he is the one in charge of taking care of them. To make things worse, soon the ship is attacked by pirates...What a wild journey! The words are animated, revealing their meaning in a whirl of fantasy. The program offers songs and interactive games of logic and skill with fun and tricks.

Courage, Pit Hybrid CD-ROM requires 8MB RAM; 256 colors; 2X CD-ROM drive. PC: 486/33+; Win 95/98/XP; Sound card. Macintosh: 68030/33+; 13" monitor.