A Bordo guí­a didáctica

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A Bordo Guí­a didáctica con test. This is the teacher's guide for A Bordo 1 and 2 which includes overall exams, teaching objectives, suggestions for further exploitation of the materials, answer keys, transcriptions for the audio cds and extra exercises. It will also include a set of 4 class audio cds and a testmaker multi-rom. Also available is the teacher's digital books 1 and 2 ($80 each) which will contain all the course material in an interactive format to give the teacher the opportunity to make learning Spanish more stimulating with 'heads-up' interactive lessons on a smartboard or computer.

Part A has the methodology, activities, games, unit-by-unit teaching notes, step-by-step suggestions, audio cd transcripts and full answer keys, 22 pages of suggestions to work in pairs and the student's book and workbook answer keys and audio transcripts.

Part B offers double page tests for every unit, skills tests for every second unit, test answer keys and oral comprehension transcripts.

The test maker multi-rom offers editable tests and skills tests audio files.

Guía Didáctica - Paperback, 462 pages and 4 class audio cds and a testmaker multi-rom