501 English Verbs

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SKU: 978-1438073026 Barrons Educational

501 English Verbs - This comprehensive manual offers 501 English verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses in an easy-to-learn format which is alphabetically arranged. By Thomas R. Beyer, Jr. Ph.D. New edition now includes a CD-ROM! This brand-new edition of Barron's 501 English Verbs now comes with a bonus CD-ROM that offers helpful practice exercises in verb conjugation and a concise grammar review. The book presents the most common regular and irregular English verbs alphabetically arranged in table form, one verb per page, and completely conjugated in all tenses. The book also reviews rules of grammar applicable to verb usage, provides a bilingual list of hundreds more regular verbs, and offers tips on idiomatic verb usage. Tinted page-edge tabs offer language students quick alphabetical reference. This book and CD-ROM combination is also an exceptionally valuable reference guide for those preparing for the TOEFL exam.
Paperback - 576 pages.