Chinese (Mandarin) Software

Chinese (Mandarin) Software

Mandarin is a group of related varieties of Chinese spoken across most of northern and southwestern China. Because most Mandarin dialects are found in the north, the group is also referred to as the "northern dialect(s)". When the Mandarin group is taken as one language, as is often done in academic literature, it has more native speakers (nearly a billion) than any other language. The capital has been within the Mandarin area for most of the last millennium, making these dialects very influential.

Some form of Mandarin has served as a national lingua franca since the 14th century. In the early 20th century, a standard form based on the Beijing dialect, with elements from other Mandarin dialects, was adopted as the national language. Standard Chinese, which is also referred to as "Mandarin", is the official language of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China and one of the four official languages of Singapore. It is also one of the most frequently used varieties of Chinese among Chinese diaspora communities internationally.

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  • Kidspeak Asian - Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean

    Teach beginning Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian and Korean vocabulary through interactive games
  • Vocabulary Builder Mandarin Chinese

    A delightful and interactive software program to teach beginning vocabulary to young children.
  • Talk Now Mandarin Chinese

    Delightful interactive program to teach beginning vocabulary
  • World Talk Mandarin Chinese

    10 different topics with interactive activities for oral and written comprehension and pronunciation.
  • Talk the Talk Mandarin Chinese

    Learn words and phrases that matter to you in Mandarin Chinese with this language learning CD-ROM for ages 20 and under.
  • Understanding Chinese Language course

    Older Multimedia dictionary Chinese Language Software teaches you to understand, speak, read and write Chinese.
  • Talk Business Mandarin Chinese

    If you want to succeed in business abroad, then the Chinese language software Talk Business Mandarin Chinese is for you.
  • Beginning Chinese (Mandarin)

    This 2 CD-ROM set with 20 Lessons is the equivalent of a beginning Mandarin Chinese textbook, workbook, audio and video.
  • Type and Learn Chinese

    Interactive Software - You can type letters, business documents and e-mail in Chinese.
  • Clavis Sinica version 5.1

    Reading is the key to building vocabulary, mastering idioms.
  • Wenlin 4.1.1

    Interactive software used for both reading and writing Chinese literature.

11 Item(s)


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