David and Jacko - The Janitor and the Serpent


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David and Jacko - The Janitor and the Serpent by David Downie. Inspired by Roald Dahl and the Twits, David Downie writes a thrilling tale of the adventures of David and his dog Jacko and their encounters with the grotesque Mr Sniggles and his deadly pet snake. The stories are beautifully illustrated by Tea Seroya.

Duoc lay cam hung tu Roald Dahl va gia dinh nha Twit, David Downie viet loat truyen kinh di hap dan ma bo ong da ke khi tac gia con la mot cau be. Tranh minh hoa trong truyen duoc ve boi Tea Seroya.

David and Jacko find themselves catching a ride on a giant serpent that has taken to capturing local children so they can be eaten by the grotesque Mr Sniggles. David and Jacko need to use their wits to outsmart the oversized snake with monstrous fangs and double-jointed jaw and its disgusting owner before they end up in the stockpot.

Paperback, 52 pages.