Level 1 - Pobre Ana bailó tango


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Pobre Ana bailó tango by Patricia Verano, Verónica Morosco and Blaine Ray. Nivel 1 - Libro E. Original readers for Spanish students in late first year or early second year. The story is told in the past tense. Ana, the main character in this story, is the same one as in 'Pobre Ana', the first novella in this series. After her trip to Mexico, Ana changed a great deal and she wanted to go to other countries. In this story, the school gives her the opportunity to travel again, this time to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has two main goals - to keep improving her Spanish and to learn to dance the tango. Ana realizes that dancing the tango is an art and she has a lot to learn. In the process, she makes friends, buys special tango shoes, meets a handsome tango teacher, and, most importantly, learns about Argentine culture. Paperback, 49 pages.