Level 1 - Perezosa Impaciente, La


SKU: 978-1947006027 Mira Canion

La Perezosa Impaciente by Mira Canion. An adorable sloth story for all ages! Going slowly will never be the same. Sloths, animal trafficking, coffee culture of Colombia, music, fast-action sloth chase scenes. All-animal cast.

Can sloths do anything fast? Mía, the impatient sloth, is about to find out slowly, why sloths should stay high up in their trees. As Mía explores Colombia’s coffee region, several animals quickly take an interest in her. But not all for the right reasons.

An easy Spanish reader containing just 70 new vocabulary words and English-Spanish cognates. 2,400 total word story.  Paperback, 48 pages.