Colección Los Mejores - ABC Book


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ABC Book and Teacher Tool (reproducible activity guide) with or without the book by David Chericián and illustrated by Laura Stagnio. This ABC is full of imagination and humor. Each poem is a cascade of words and sounds that allows us to really taste the letters in Spanish. The author decided to include letters Ch and LL, two letters that he feels great affection for, so readers will know that this is not only an ABC, it is an ABC by Chericián.
Hardback, 40 pages.
Advanced Readers: 7 to 12 years
Genres: Word Games, Poetry
Themes: Animals, Fantasy, Absurd, Nature/Ecology
Values: Friendship, Union, Living Together, Freedom, Diversity, Love Towards Nature
Areas of Study: Language and Literature (Poetry)
Stages and Grades: First Stage (2° and 3° grades), Second Stage (4° and 5° grades)

Get the 25 page "Teacher Tool" a reproducible activity book. We will  send a copy on cd-rom with the book to print out as needed.