Chinese for Elementary School


SKU: 9787802005983 Sinolingua

This elementary curriculum includes 20 texts which mainly teach pinyin. Through the use of this book, students can master the initials, the finals, the names and the pronunciation of tones, the spelling rules, correct writing of letters and syllables, and correct pronunciation of syllables. The book will enable students to read simple Chinese characters and sing children’s songs through using pinyin. Each textbook requires around 50 hours of study. 

This bundle includes all 12 stages (2 stages per grade for grades 1-6) and the 2 Teachers Books. Each stage includes 1 textbook and 2 exercise books.

Each stage can also be purchased separately for $34.95 each and each teachers book (one is for stages 1-6 and the other for stages 7-12) is available for $35.95 each

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