Lesivyè Fòl Yo - The Wild Washerwomen - Haitian Creole Edition

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The Wild Washerwomen - Lesivyè Fòl Yo - Haitian Creole Edition by John Yeoman and illustrated by Quentin Blake. Meet the washerwomen: Dottie, Lottie, Molly, Dolly, Winnie, Minnie, and Ernestine. They work from dusk till dawn scrubbing and soaping but their mound of grubby hankies and grimy nightshirts grows bigger by the day. When their miserly manager, Mr Balthazar Tight, gives them even more work to do, the washerwomen take a stand. Find out what happens when the washerwomen go wild! A rip-roaring tale in dual language about breaking the rules in all the right ways, 'The Wild Washerwomen' is destined to become a firm favourite on every child's bookshelf. Brimming with mischief, Quentin Blake's exuberant illustrations capture the imagination and enrich this spirited story about breaking with convention and finding happiness in the most unexpected places. This dual language story will delight adults and children alike and is guaranteed to keep even the most reluctant readers gripped until the very last page. Entertaining and accessible, 'The Wild Washerwomen' is perfect for involving the whole class in group storytelling and inspiring young minds to read for pleasure.

Paperback, 32 pages.