Afro-Caribbean Party CD

Afro-Caribbean Party CD

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ISBN/MPN: 978-1587593666

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Afro-Caribbean Party CD is a collection that celebrates the incredible power of the African-influenced music of the Caribbean! The Caribbean has long been the source of some of the most impactful music in human history and its diverse styles are the result of 500 years of blending African, European and indigenous cultures in the Americas. The songs on Afro-Caribbean Party represent many different aspects of the irresistible dance music of Spanish, French and Anglo-Caribbean.

    • 1.Kali - "La Grev Bare Mwen" - (Martinique)
    • 2.Clinton Fearon - Come By Yah - (Jamaica)
    • 3.Ska Cubano - "Cachita" - (Cuba)
    • 4.Wesli - "Bèl Ti Fanm Kreyol" - (Haiti)
    • 5.Michel Blaise - "Fem'm Sa" - (Haiti)
    • 6.Asere - "A Favor del Viento" - (Cuba)
    • 7.Famara - "Famasound" - (Switzerland)
    • 8.Jan Sebon and Kazak International - "Mango Fransik (Mango Lafrance)" - (Haiti)
    • 9.Chispa Labori - "La Barca" - (Cuba)
  • 10.Fred Ferguson & Graffiti - "Spence for da Soul" - (The Bahamas)

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