Time of Favor (Ha-Hesder) DVD


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Time of Favor (Ha-Hesder) DVD - 2000 film directed by Joseph Cedar. Israeli film (coded for Region 1 - U.S.). Is today's fanaticism tomorrow's policy? In a West Bank settlement, Rabbi Meltzer has a grand design: he's building a movement 'to pray at the Temple Mount.' His yeshiva has scholars, and the settlement is getting its own military company to be commanded by Menachem, a disciple of the rabbi. He also wants his daughter, Michal, to marry Pini, the yeshiva's best scholar. Michal has no interest in Pini, but she is attracted to Menachem. When she rebuffs Pini, he hatches a bold and secret plan. Is jealousy the motivation or something else? Meanwhile, the army and Moussad are closely watching the rabbi's activities and Menachem's military training. Who is trustworthy? Stars Aki Avni, Tinkerbell and Idan Alterman. Unrated, 102 minutes.