Der Wilde Westen

Der Wilde Westen

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Der Wilde Westen - Ages 4 - 12. German software - Playtoon title - This series of cartoons allows the user to hear the story read aloud, and then write your own comic strip. All text is read aloud, though not all is shown, making a more interesting, less predictable blend of animation and still-page storybooking. Along with the storybook dimension, youngsters can go to the 'construction game'. Using 18 settings and dozens of objects and characters from the Castle story, click-and-drag original 20-page animated stories to create your own comic strip.

German Playtoons require for PC: Win 3.1, 95 or 98; 486/33+; 8MB RAM; 2MB free HDS; 2X CD-ROM drive; 256 color display; Mouse. Macintosh: 68040 or PowerMac; 8MB RAM; 2MB free HDS; 13? monitor; System 7.1.

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