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Home Books & Games French Elementary French Curriculum

Here at WOR.com we always strive to bring you the best especially when it comes to teaching languages to children. Children absorb information like a sponge so it is important that we provide them with quality information from quality sources. That said, we are importing these French elementary curriculum textbooks and ancillaries from Europe. These Elementary French Curriculum textbooks are specially designed for teaching French to children who are English speaking. We are leaving most of the descriptions in French,because many of these books are only in French, but if you need an English translation, please feel free to email or call! Alex et Zoé and Vitamine are both published in France by Clé International, but are different pedagogical approaches. Jojo is published by Eli Publishing. There are over 20 books, CD-ROM's, Audio CD's and DVD-ROM's to choose from. If you a seriously considering teaching French to children, then one of these Elementary French Curriculum series is a must.

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