African Blues CD


SKU: 9781587593017 Putumayo

African Blues CD - Putumayo presents powerful African voices and rhythms to demonstrate the deep connection of the blues to its African roots.

The songs are:

1) Ni koh Bedy by Mali Latino

2) Djamakoyo by Adama Yalomba

3) Totoumo by Diabel Cissokho & Ramon Goose

4) Camel Shuffle by Amar Sundy

5) Djigui by Issa Bagayogo

6) Dhow Countries by Taj Mahal meets the Culture Musical Club of Zanzibar

7) Mali by Kalaban Coura

8) Alam'i by Koudede

9) Groove in G by Playing for Change featuring Tinariwen

10) Timba by Muntu Valdo