Farmer Duck - Farsi-English Edition


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Farmer Duck - Farsi-English Edition by Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury.

Meet Farmer Duck, he isn't your average duck.  Whilst the lazy farmer lolls in his bed reading the newspaper and guzzling bonbons, the poor duck chops the wood, tends the hens, washes the dishes and harvests the apples. One day the overworked duck collapses in an exhausted heap and the farm animals decide something must be done. Together they agree on a plan to teach the lazy farmer a lesson once and for all…

Regularly appearing on 'must read' children's book lists, 'Farmer Duck' is a masterpiece of a picture book. This children's classic is a story about hard work and learning to share the load between friends. Set against the idyllic English countryside, Helen Oxenbury's expressive watercolor illustrations capture the lovable characters perfectly. The story's repetitive devices and simple plot line make this classic tale accessible to children of all ages. 

Paperback, 40 pages.