Little Pim French DVDs


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Little Pim French dvds - Volumes 1-3 - Parents who teach their babies French see the benefits in their children’s better accent, grasp of vocabulary and ease of learning. Little Pim is a three-disc introduction to more than 180 French vocabulary words and phrases. Each 35-minute DVD features seven five minute episodes starring a lovable, animated panda bear named Little Pim who interacts while teaching little kids French. Little Pim is fun for the whole family, and allows children from zero to five to learn together from the amusing and lovable Little Pim the Panda, the series’ teacher. THESE DVDS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Limited quantities left!

Get one dvd for $17.95 or all 3 for $49.95. They can be watched in any order and are all beginner level.
DVD # 1 - Eating and Drinking: French Language for Toddlers, Babies & Preschoolers

In this French DVD for toddlers, babies, and preschoolers see Little Pim and friends making and eating food while having a great time discovering new tastes. DVD 1 introduces more than 60 French words and phrases for mealtimes.

DVD # 2 - Wake Up Smiling: French for Preschoolers, Toddlers & Babies

In this French DVD for preschoolers, toddlers, and babies, see Little Pim and kids waking up, brushing up, dressing up, and find out what they are all smiling about! All about the joys of waking up to a new day and going to sleep at the end of a busy day, DVD 2 introduces 60 French words associated with morning and evening routines.

DVD # 3 - Playtime: See the amusing ways Little Pim and children play together, while learning French words. DVD 3 explores the wonders of play, from blocks to boats to stuffed animals having tea parties, to dress up, and introduces than 60 new French words. This French DVD for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers makes learning a new language fun and easy!