French Café CD

French Café CD

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ISBN/MPN: 978-1587593864

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French Café CD - Legends of French chansons join exquisite new voices for an enchanting musical sojourn to the cafes of Paris with the re-release of this cd. The album features some of the greatest names in the history of French music as well as new artists who are inspired by classic chanson, gypsy jazz and musette. Includes these artists and songs:

  • 1.Serge Gainsbourg - "Marilou Sous La Neige" - (France)
  • 2.Enzo Enzo - "Juste Quelqu'un De Bien" - (France)
  • 3.Márcio Faraco - "Paris" - (Brazil)
  • 4.Georges Brassens - "Je M'suis Fait Tout Petit" - (France)
  • 5.Barbara - "Si La Photo Est Bonne" - (France)
  • 6.Pascal Lejeune - "Une Seule Nuit" - (Canada)
  • 7.Jeanne Rochette - "Donne-moi" - (Canada)
  • 8.Chantal Chamberland - "Vous Qui Passez Sans Me Voir" - (Canada)
  • 9.Daniel Roure - "C'est Magnifique" - (France)
  • 10.Duo Gadjo and Their Hot Friends - "Sous Le Ciel De Paris" - (USA/France)
  • 11.Thierry Stremler - "Marguerite" - (France)


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