More proof that bilingualism helps your brain.

Cindy Tracy

I was delighted to see on the front page of the Personal Journal section of the Wall Street Journal this morning (October 12th) the article titled "Building a More Resilient Brain - The Benefits of Being Bilingual" - by Shirley S. Wang.  The latest research shows that the symptoms of dementia can be delayed by an average of four years in bilingual people. So, if it is not enough that it learning other languages can help your academics and SAT scores, and later in life, your marketability in getting a job, now it can help keep us functional. This research found that over time, speaking more than one language strengthens skills that boost the brain's "cognitive reserve". With more and more research touting the benefits of learning another language, WHY are school systems cutting back and eliminating language programs. It does not make sense at all. I realize that I am preaching to the choir, that most of the people who read this already know the benefits of learning a language, but this article made me want to rant about it a bit!

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