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Read Literature to Learn a Language

Audiobooks, textbooks, and more abound to help you learn a language. These are wellworth considering if you’re taking your project seriously. However, few things can make learning a language as easy, or be as fun as reading the literature you really want to read.

Literature carries not only the grammar and vocabulary of a language, but all of its meaning and nuance, as well.  Literature is a lens to the world; it is sometimes argued that an era’s fiction is a more accurate, firsthand view than a history textbook could ever offer. Literature offers, in print, all of the tools for real communication in a language.

El Lazarillo de TormesSo, how do you go about using literature to learn?

Start with something simple. If you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid to reach for a children’s book. Or, try a graphic novel, or comic book. Work your way up to more lengthy, complex works of literature. It’s a process; keep your dictionary with you and look up any terms you don’t understand. You can also have the translation in your native language, too, and compare the two side-by-side.

Audiobooks are also of great help. Part of learning a language thoroughly is hearing it and speaking it. Audiobooks bring all the text has to offer to life. Listen to the audiobook with the text in front of you. You both see and hear. Anytime you don’t understand something, pause and look it up. A great thing about dictionaries now is that you can get them online, and you can even click and hear the word you want to know. The first few times, listen while reading, then try just listening to see if you understand.

You can also enjoy the process with a partner. Read aloud to someone, or let them read to you while you follow along. Look up words and pronounce them together.

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To Learn a Language

talktalkspanbigMany of us want to learn a different language at some point, and there are plenty of ways to go about it. There are also many ways to make it easier and motivate you. Here are some tips for language learning.

Have a Larger Goal

Sure, simply having a desire to learn a language is a good reason, but it helps if you have more than that. Having a more tangible goal serves as motivation; it means to have a certain amount of time in which to learn, and a reason to keep it up. The reason could be anything—you could have a trip planned, someone with whom you want to communicate, or even a small, personal goal like a novel you want to read in the original language. The more reasons you have to learn, the faster you may do so. A deadline helps maintain your focus and determination, as well.

Practice, Practice

Talk Now Brazilian PortugueseThe only way to learn a language is to practice, and while books, audio, and DVDs are essentials, so are other speakers. Join a group of people with whom to learn, or find someone who already speaks the language to have conversations with you. If you cannot find someone already in your life, go online. Not only can you pay to have online chats and video conferencing for tutoring, there are people who will do it for free; plenty of people around the world also want to learn your native language. So, remember to step away from the books and practice.  Look for a restaurant where the employees speak the language, if possible.  Consulates might have ideas on where to find native speakers, as well.  You might find someone who needs to practice their English—spend half of the time speaking English and half of the time speaking the language you want to learn.

Don’t Be Shy

Opening up and practicing can be challenging. You may feel insecure about whether you are pronouncing things properly and that insecurity is enough to prevent some people from speaking at all. Don’t let it stand in your way; if you pronounce it wrong, you will only get it right eventually if you try again. Also, everyone has to start somewhere and anyone to whom you may speak has probably make similar mistakes—it’s never as embarrassing as it seems.

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