Ways to Keep Up Studying a Foreign Language Over the Summer

Learning a foreign language is an excellent idea for so many reasons!  It makes it possible for you to work abroad. You learn about other cultures as well in addition to making new friends. However, learning it is a challenging exercise. For example, you might forget what you learned in class during the school break in summer. That means you have to relearn many things once you resume your studies.

Alternatively, you can develop ways to keep up studying a language over the summer. One of them is watching a foreign film. More specifically, go for cultural or historical movies. They will help you understand the culture of the people who speak the language that you are studying. You can listen to foreign music as well. Make sure that it is catchy so that it embeds itself in your mind.

Other Ways to Keep Studying a Foreign Language over the summer

You can read novels, anthologies, novellas, and historical texts among other books. Authors write them using different literary styles including idiomatic expressions, metaphors, personification, and hyperbole. Therefore, reading them would help you understand the application of different writing styles in the foreign language that you are studying.  Many come with audio cds, so you can listen while you read, or while you are walking or are in the car.

  • Talk to friends

Keep in touch with your schoolmates during the long school break. For example, call them a couple of times a week and speak to them in the foreign language that you were learning at school. They will remind you of a few words that you had forgotten. More importantly, you will retain what you already knew and so will they.


  • Join a Club Based On That Foreign Language

Thousands of clubs exist, and you can join many of them. However, the wisest move is to join one that helps you study a foreign language. It could be a book-reading club or one promoting cultural events based on a foreign culture. In some cases, it may be an association of friends who like to speak together in a foreign language. You can start a club if you do not have online.

  • Read Your Notes and Go Online

Store your notes safely before summer begins, and then use them as this season progresses. More specifically, read them occasionally to remind yourself about some aspects of the foreign language that you are studying. Go online and research further on these aspects. Make some notes and then share them with your instructor once summer ends.

  • Hiring a Tutor

Employing some who is a professional in a particular language is the surest way of studying a foreign language in summer. In fact, learning it through a tutor may be an unforgettable learning experience. More specifically, you will explore this language in an informal setting where you can ask questions freely.

Annabelle Fee is part of the community outreach team at Edu Aid. Annabelle is passionate about ongoing education at all ages, and when isn’t learning new things is a keen walker and cyclist and can be found exploring.

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