The Importance of Fun when Learning a Language

Comment ca vaAlmost anyone can learn a second language if they put their minds to it. With some effort and focus, you can achieve anything from beginner status to fluency. However, there is arguably still one thing you need—beyond educational tools, effort, and focus—in order to learn your chosen language well: fun.

The idea has been studied by observing children’s abilities to learn, and many educators are well-aware of it: the more fun you have when learning, the better your chances of retaining the information. Why this is so, who can say? Perhaps the pressure to perform in a serious situation hinders thought processes. Whatever the reasons, experiments have been conducted that show people are more likely to solve problems mentally when having fun than when they’re in a less fun environment.

Additionally, being creative with information while learning a language is very helpful. When the lesson involves asking the learner to take the information and be creative with it—rather than requiring standard memorization—retention is not the only thing improved; the learner’s in-depth comprehension of the information is enhanced, as well. Creativity and invention require you to take information and use it in different, but correct, ways. Upon completing something creative, you discover that you have a much stronger understanding than when you began.

El reino de los animalesWhether you’re a student, a teacher, or you’re learning on your own at home, never underestimate the power of pleasure in the learning process. Teachers can get creative with lessons. Students have fun with assignments by doing more with them at home. Other learners can go about learning in ways that make them more enjoyable. Having fun while learning will help retention, and being creative will spark improved abilities to solve those language problems.

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