Friendship and Foreign Language

Language is about communication. There are many reasons to learn how to communicate in another language and ways to learn. Among all these is the most important: human communication. So, what better way to advance learning than by mixing friendship and foreign language?

Interacting with another person when learning a language is valuable for many reasons. Doing so with someone for whom the language is native is even more so:

colors-of-the-mountain-dvdLearning the Natural: When you take language lessons, you learn the accurate, official elements of the language. You learn proper pronunciation, grammar, structure, etc. This is the best way to begin. However, as you continue learning, it’s important to communicate in a way that is natural. Common communication in any language is not formal; it is not “official.” People for whom the language is native have their own pronunciations, expressions and ways that they are spoken, and many more little things that make the way they speak natural. The best way to learn this is to practice with a native speaker. They can not only help you learn the basics, and proper speech and grammar, but they can supplement your education with communication that the books simply do not teach you.  When they are not available, watch foreign films to learn how people communicate with each other.

Crossing Cultural Divides: Communication is more than words; it is expressions of belief systems and cultures, and all that those contain. To immerse yourself in a language it helps to understand the culture and people that produce it. Putting friendship and foreign language together and making a friend who is willing to help you develop your language skills is a certain way to better your full comprehension of the language beyond the mere grammar, and into full and genuine communication.

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