Month: December 2016

Give the Gift of Foreign Language

a-jewish-celebration-cdThat special time of year is coming, as is the time to purchase Hanukkah and Christmas presents. For some, this is fun and easy, and they enjoy it, overall. For others, it can be frustrating trying to figure out what people might want, need, or like. Fortunately, we can make it a little easier for some.

If you know someone who loves a foreign language, is learning a new language, teaches language, or loves foreign films, then we have plenty for you to choose from:

Foreign Films: Movies are almost always a good idea. Most of us love movies, and foreign films give us an opportunity to experience different cultures and languages, all with the thrill of great storytelling. There is a multitude of great, awarding-winning foreign films for all ages. The gift of foreign language pleases the language lover, the movie buff, or a combination of both.

Teaching Materials: Do you know a foreign language teacher? Find something that may help them shake up their teaching routine. There are plenty of board games, novels, non-fiction texts, audio cds, films, and beyond that a creative teacher can use to educate and inspire.

Learn-at-Home Materials: Is someone you know learning a new language? Or, perhaps they’ve expressed a desire to do so. Get them started, or help them on their journey. Give them a book or software program to get them started. Give audio tapes, music, or movies to help them enjoy their learning process.

Great Literature: For the book lover with a knowledge of a foreign language, or someone who’s learning, try a classic novel in the original foreign language. For example, someone learning French might like to aspire to read Victor Hugo in the original French, or a Spanish-learner might like to read Don Quixote.

There is a myriad of gift possibilities this Hanukkah and Christmas at World of Reading. If you have questions, we can help, too and help recommend the perfect gift. Come check us out and give the gift of foreign language.

Passive Listening and Language Learning

instant-immersion-french-audio-cdWe know that, if you want to speak a language fluently, you must learn its sounds and imitate them. When you take lessons or learn on your own, you practice these things. There is something additional that you can do; it’s called passive listening. Some say that passive listening is a significant boost to your foreign language learning process that may improve your education noticeably. This is up for debate. However, what passive listening can help you with is acclimating to sounds as you practice your active listening and study.

Passive Listening as a Learning Aid

There are those who say that you can learn a language through passive listening only. Many also believe this is highly unlikely. It is arguable, however, that passive listening may serve as a beneficial learning aid, secondary to active learning. For example, as you learn a new language, particularly early in your efforts, the foreign words may sound like gibberish in a recognizable accent. Hearing the sounds as often as possible, even when you’re not really paying active attention, may still affect your most basic understanding of what you’re hearing. Though you may not comprehend what you’re hearing in the beginning, you adjust to the accent and sounds become more recognizable. The more you hear in general, the better off your pronunciation and recognition will be.

How to Go About Passive Listening

Another great thing about practicing this method is that it can be done at so many times and in so many ways. As you drive to work, you could listen to foreign music in the language that you are learning. You could have that music on when you work, or any other time. You may also listen to audio learning CDs; you don’t necessarily have to actively repeat what you hear or engage with the lesson—just let it play. You can play a film and watch it without subtitles, or have it on as you do other things, and just listen to the actors speak.

There is a myriad of ways to go about passive listening as part of your larger lesson plans. We have what you need. We have music, audio lessons, films, and more. Visit our website today.