Month: July 2016

Watch More Foreign Films

Most of the time, there is a small, specific group of people who enjoy watching foreign films. Even fewer enjoy watching them with subtitles, or free of dubbing and subtitles completely. This is an unfortunate thing, because there is much to be gained, beyond entertainment, from watching foreign films.

Cultural Experience

Cultures besides your own express things in different ways. They choose varying characters from those to which you’re accustomed, have unique tales to tell, and tell those stories differently. In some cases, their culture and history may be the origin of a certain type of character or storytelling. By avoiding foreign films, you’re missing out on opportunities for new and original experiences you simply won’t get from films in your native language, and from your native culture.


La famille Belier dvdPerhaps you do watch foreign films, but you insist on watching those without subtitles. If that’s the case, you are still missing out. Dubbing removes the nuances of acting and storytelling found in tone and inflection. You miss how an actor naturally and originally expresses something in the moment, and instead hear a basic interpretation that is more focused on translation than emotion.


Finally, watching a foreign film engages your mind and improves your language learning skills. If you have experience in a second language, watching a film is a fun way to exercise your knowledge. If you’re learning a language, you can step away from the textbooks for a while and enjoy learning a little differently. If you have no second language experience at all, you can still learn a great deal by watching, listening, and reading. Over time, you may find you understand enough to turn off those subtitles and experience the film as it was meant to be seen and heard.

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Business and Language

It is not easy to find a job. Even those with the most “relevant” education can still struggle. Most leaders in business agree that there are a few things you can do to make yourself more attractive to a potential employer, and one of those things is learning a foreign language well enough to speak, read, and right at an intermediate or fluent level. Whether you want to find a new job or move upward in your current one, language can be of help.

Foreign Business

Many companies do business with foreign companies. They may have branches in other countries, or simply the need to communicate with people in those places. Knowing the language of a country with which a company does business automatically makes you more useful, potentially. Even if your chosen job or company does not yet require the use of another language, having it readily available means your employer has the option, which is attractive in an employee.

Useful Languages

Almost any language could be useful, but some are more so, according to many business owners. Mandarin-Chinese, for example, is particularly beneficial. It is a notoriously difficult language to learn, and so not a common one for language-learners to choose on their own. However, China is a significant part of the global economy, and communicating with the country is essential for many businesses. Thus, this is significant motivation for job-seekers to learn it. Spanish is another useful second language in the U.S., particularly for the southern states. Spanish-speaking people make up a noticeable percentage of the population, and bilingual employees are always encouraged to apply for positions.

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