Pronunciation Power 2

English as a 2nd Language (ESL) Software


SKU: 9780968187708 English Computerized Learning

Pronunciation Power 2 - Ages 12 - Adult. This comprehensive pronunciation program is for intermediate to advanced learners who want to improve their accent and pronunciation of English. This level is for intermediate to advanced learners with hundreds of hours of instruction. Learn the 52 sounds to speak clear English. Compare your voice to the instructor's using the waveform technology. Test listening comprehension with 650 exercises. Practice pronunciation with 780 sample words, 1,040 comparative words and 520 different sentences.

Network Pricing for Pronunciation Power 2
2-10 users - $85.00 each
11-19 users - $80.00 each
20-29 users - $72.00 each
30 + users - $65.00 each

Pronunciation Power Hybrid CD-ROM requires 2X CD-ROM drive; 680x480 SVGA display; 5MB free HDS. For PC: Windows 98/XP; 486/66 MHz+; 12 MB RAM; Sound card; speakers. Macintosh 40 Mhz 68040+ or any Power Mac; System 7+; 6 MB RAM; microphone.