Letyat zhuravli (The Cranes are Flying) DVD


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Letyat zhuravli (The Cranes are Flying) DVD - 1957 Russian film directed by Mikheil Kalatozishvili. Veronica and Boris are walking in the streets of Moscow and they love each other. Veronica is laughing, cause they are happy together this morning. They see some cranes in the sky. When arriving at Veronica's house they talk about a rendezvous at the bank of the river. And the 2nd World War begins in Moscow. Boris works in a factory and he hasn't got time to speak with Veronica. He has to go to the war ... Stars Tatyana Samojlova, Aleksei Batalov, and Vasili Merkuryev. Unrated, 94 minutes.

One of the featured films in Cinema for Russian Conversation - Volume 1.