Inglés Grammar Tutor

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Inglés Grammar Tutor - Comprehensive grammar program for Spanish speakers learning English and is totally customizable. The GrammarTutor program allows your students to master all aspects of grammar in the new language. The GrammarTutor comes preloaded with beginning to advanced grammar topics, and is fully editable, allowing the instructor to add customized excercises. During a lesson, students may call on concise explanations of grammar topics, and have full access to the glossary. The glossary includes translations and pronunciation of words used in the program. The GrammarTutor even creates a personalized report card for each session showing student name, time spent testing, topics covered, and scores!

Unlimited (within 1 building) site/network license - $145.00

German Grammar Tutor Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows (all); 10MB RAM; SVGA 256 color display; Sound card; CD-ROM drive. Macintosh requires: PowerPC Mac; System 7.1+; CD-ROM drive; 10MB RAM.