Every Small Child - Arabic Songs for Kids CD

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Every Small Child - Arabic Songs for Kids CD - A collection of Arabic songs for children. Arabic Music CD for kids. Fun, upbeat and educational songs that teach kids about the seasons, animals, the days of the weeks and months, numbers, food etc.. These songs will have your children dancing, singing, and learning Arabic right away!

English and Arabic lyrics included. 

I am Loved Because I am Special لاني مميز حبوني

In the Year There are Four Seasons في السنة أربعة فصول

Oh, My Uncle (Vegetable Song) يا عمي البياع

The Months of the Year أشهر السنة

FuFu The Elephant فوفو الفيل
The Days of the Week أيام الأسبوع
We are Swimming نحن الأسماك
I am Traveling أنا مسافر

Arabic Musical Instruments الفرقة الموسيقية
Graduation Day يوم التخريج

Every Small Child