A Taste for English

Foreign Language Learning & ESL Software


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A Taste for English is a program that, like Word Invaders and Error Terror, combines learning English with having fun. In a variety of attractive settings, Fred the frog waits hungrily for his dinner. This comes in the form of tasty flies buzzing round flags. These flags contain a word, phrase or sentence in English. Most of the time, what's written on the flags is correct; occasionally it's wrong. You have to identify the correct flags and capture them, leaving the wrong ones alone.

The database in this program is extensive, with six levels of difficulty, ranging from False beginners to advanced (Cambridge CPE) standard. Within each of the six levels, there are five main areas of lexis: Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Spelling and Wordbuilding. Each of these areas contains between five and ten sets of 28 words, 20 of these being correct and 8 incorrect or unconnected with the group. A total of 7500 words and phrases are contained in the program.

The authoring option allows teachers to customise the program to fit the needs of their classes or syllabuses. The existing databses can be added to or edited, and new word groups can be added to the database, to bring a real linkage between classwork and self-acccess.

A Taste for English requires: PC; Pentium 90+; Windows (all); CD-ROM drive; 10MB free hard drive space; High color display.