Là où je dors volume 3 dvd

9 more videos of French-speaking children from around the world.- English or French subtitles.

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Là où je dors  volume 3 dvd - This new dvd (released in September 2017) depicts a day in the life of 9 French speaking children in different countries.  View these dvds with or without English or French subtitles.  This is the third in a series of 4 dvds.  Like volumes 1 and 2, it has 2 discs, one with the 9 videos and 1 with 2 word files - Infolettres with additional information on each child and country and the second offers two different activities to do with the videos.  On volume 3 are:

Antony - This 13 year old boy lives in Guadeloupe near a volcano and is passionate about soccer and karate and wants to work in a library.

Bréanne - This 12 year old girl lives in Winnipeg, Canada and is crazy about ice hockey.

Élise - This 13 year old girl lives in Québec, Canada. She wants to be a singer or actress!

Gregory - This 9 year old boy lives in New Caledonia, Polynesia. He spends a lot of time outdoors with his dogs, when not in school.

Manon - This 11 year old girl lives in Belgium, adopted from China. She loves to read and draw comic books!

Monir and Abdérémane - These 12 and 14 year old brothers live on the island of Anjouan, between Madagascar and Africa, the Comores Islands. They love video games and soccer.

Roxanna - This 14 year old girl lives in Romania, part of the Rom (gypsy) culture. She loves music and singing.

Saïd - This 12 year old boy lives in the mountains of Morocco. He plays soccer and draws a lot and wants to be a tour guide.

Zazakely - This is the name of an orphanage in Madagascar, started by a Frenchwoman - Michelle. There are around 50 children between the ages of 1 and 17. When they are not in school, they make up games and make their own toys.


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