World Talk Spanish

There are 10 different topics with interactive activities for oral and written comprehension and pronunciation.

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World Talk Spanish - Ages 10 - Adult. Entertaining intermediate level software program. There are 10 different topics with interactive activities for oral and written comprehension and pronunciation. This program is a great follow up to 'Talk Now!' or for those who already have a basic knowledge of Spanish.  There are 10 topics: People (click on the person who is being described); Food (click on the correct food being described); Animals; Numbers (1 to 100); Phrase Practice; True or False Questions; Construct a sentence, choosing the right words in the right order; Follow directions and click on the right building; Dates (choose the correct photograph, month and date); and Weather. All instructions are in Spanish, though translations are available in English (and 12 other languages). Participate in the TV Quiz and see if you can beat the computer opponent. Go to the recording studio and practice your pronunciation. Lastly you can take a dictation or print out one of 6 possible worksheets. Each user's progress can be saved and you can print out your own certificate.

Part of the Instant Immersion Spanish v2 CD-ROM bundle or the Instant Immersion Spanish v3 DVD-ROM bundle

Lab Pack Pricing for World Talk:
$40.00 for the school license and first CD-ROM and $15.00 for each additional CD-ROM.

Network Licenses:
The teachers can access the program from any workstation or the central server. Any number of teachers can be active at once to add, remove, monitor students or print reports. Data export facility allows records to be exported into Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and many other spreadsheets and databases. Monitor facility allows teachers to watch what students are doing and listen to them as they talk. The 'Talk Now Quiz' allows classes to compete in real time, with a central scoreboard suitable for large scale display or projection.


NUMBER OF TITLES (cost per title)


1 title


2 titles

up to 5 titles

up to 10 titles

up to 20 titles

up to 100 titles

up to 5 users







up to 10 users







up to 20 users







up to 100 users







For more than 100 users or 100 titles, please e-mail or call for pricing.
 "Titles" refers to any language title of Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now, World Talk, Talk the Talk, Talk Business, Ecoutez Bien, Listen, Movie Talk and Interactive Talking Dictionary.

World Talk Hybrid CD-ROM requires for PC: Windows (all); 486+; 8MB RAM; CD-ROM drive; SVGA display with 256 colors; Sound card; Microphone (Optional).
Macintosh requires: Color Macintosh; 68030+; OSX+; 8MB RAM; CD-ROM drive; Microphone (Optional).


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