Hebrew Software - Elementary and Middle School

Hebrew Software - Elementary and Middle School

Hebrew Software - Elementary and Middle School - Interactive Hebrew CD-ROMs for children to learn Hebrew - Modern Hebrew, not Biblical Hebrew

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  • Vocabulary Builder Hebrew

    A delightful and interactive software program to teach beginning vocabulary to young children.
  • Navigating the Bible II

    This amazing interactive CD-ROM contains the complete Hebrew text of the entire Torah and all Haftorahs
  • Talk Now Hebrew

    Delightful interactive program to teach beginning vocabulary in modern Hebrew
  • World Talk Hebrew

    There are 10 different topics with interactive activities for oral and written comprehension and pronunciation.
  • Kidspeak Multilingual 6-in-1

    Multilingual introduction to French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Italian
  • Alef-Bet Schoolhouse III

    This CD-ROM program combines colorful graphics, bright music, and entertaining exercises, to make Hebrew grammar fun and enjoyable.
  • Jewish IQ Baseball

    This interactive software game has the details of an actual afternoon at the ballpark.
  • Learning to Read Hebrew

    Learn to read the Hebrew letters, vowels and many basic words.

8 Item(s)


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