ESL Software - High School to Adult

ESL Software - High School to Adult

ESL Software - High School to Adult - Interactive ESL CD-ROMs for learning English as a Second language

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  • Talk Now English (American or British)

    Delightful interactive program to teach beginning vocabulary
  • World Talk English (American or British)

    There are 10 different topics with interactive activities for oral and written comprehension.
  • Talk the Talk English - American or British

    Learn words and phrases in English that matter to you with this new language learning CD-ROM for ages 20 and under.
  • Instant Immersion English 1,2 and 3

    This Instant Immersion learn American English software bundle is the most comprehensive yet.
  • Talk Business English (American or British)

    If you want to succeed in business abroad, then Talk Business is for you.
  • Pronunciation Power 1

    Powerful accent reduction program for beginner to low intermediate learners of English.
  • Pronunciation Power 2

    This comprehensive pronunciation program is for intermediate to advanced learners who want to improve their accent and pronunciation of English.
  • Pronunciation Power 1 and 2

    Get both levels 1 and 2 (includes the 8-in-1 dictionary) for a discounted price
  • Pronunciation Power Idioms

    This idiom cd-rom by Pronunciation Power uses memorable and unique pictures to aid you in remembering your idioms!
  • Learn to Speak English Deluxe 10

    Interactive learning system that's proven to teach you English quickly and easily.
  • Live Action English Interactive

    A terrific CD-ROM for learning English, loaded with contextualized interactive activities.
  • Easy Writer CD-ROM

    Great writing program developed by an ESL teacher.
  • English in Action - Pop Stars

    This creative and unique intermediate level software program allows you to learn English through interviews with famous people.
  • English in Action - All-Stars Bundle

    This creative and unique intermediate level software program allows you to learn English through interviews with famous people
  • Beat the Clock

    This innovative ESL program tests and builds vocabulary
  • English Attack

    This entertaining program will help you learn English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
  • Word Invaders

    This fun, lively and instructive game replicates a famous arcade game while teaching English words
  • English Builder

    This ESL software let's you play against the clock in this exciting vocabulary game!
  • Error Terror

    This ESL software program is the school version of the retail 'Word Invaders', having the same interactive arcade-like features.
  • Newspaper Editor

    This ESL program is an exciting simulation in the shoes of the editing team of a daily newspaper
  • A Taste for English

    This is a program that, like Word Invaders and Error Terror, combines learning English with having fun.
  • Inglés Grammar Tutor

    Comprehensive grammar program for Spanish speakers learning English and is totally customizable.
  • Textris

    Like the addictive game Tetris, but for learning English.
  • 1,000,000 Crosswords in English CD-ROM

    This popular word game can now be generated by computer. This program is designed for home use - the school version is called 'Crossword Challenge'.
  • Crossword Challenge CD-ROM

    An easy to use, fully authorable crossword generator designed for ESL teachers. This is the school version

25 Item(s)


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