Arabic Made Easy

Interactive software for beginning Arabic to intermediate students of Arabic.

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Arabic Made Easy - Ages 12 - Adult. Interactive software for beginning Arabic to intermediate students of Arabic. Sections include: Alphabet, Dialogue, Reading and Writing.  This program teaches the beginner: general information about the Arabic culture, how to read and write classical Arabic, basic grammatical concepts of the Arabic language and dialogue for the Egyptian dialect. The intermediate to ad-vanced student will be challenged as well and will enjoy conversing in the Egyptian dialect in the dialogue section of the program. This is the interactive CD-ROM that makes you feel like you are in Cairo when using the program.

The sections are: 1) Alphabet - Introduction, Alphabet, Vowels, Quizzes. 2) Dialogue - City Gate, Pharmacy, Market, Samiira's house, restaurant, hotel. 3) Writing - Single letters, words, dictation. 4) Reading - Symbols, Listening comprehension, diphthongs, comparisons, reading Arabic, reading game, spelling game.

Arabic Made Easy requires: PC; Win 95, 98, NT4, 2000 or XP; Pentium 100+; 16 MB RAM (32 MB RAM recomm.; VGA graphics card capable of 800x600; 4X CD-ROM drive (8X recomm.); Mouse.



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