Soy Cuba - Ya Kuba

Interesting portrayal of Castro and his regime.

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Soy Cuba - Ya Kuba - 1964 film directed by Mikhail Kalatozov.   Interesting portrayal of Castro and his regime. This film spectacularly showcases its fervent political ideology through a series of fascinating vignettes set all around the nation. Made shortly following the collapse of the Batista regime, the picture takes up a fervently pro-Castro stance, painting the leader as a heroic defender of the poor, exploited people who struggle to make a living on the 'weeping' island. The second half of the film delves more deeply into the lives of some revolutionaries, especially Enrique (Raul Garcia), a student who contemplates an assassination attempt on a corrupt police officer. Stars Sergio Correiri, Salvador Wood, Jos? Gallardo and Ra?l Garcia. Audio tracks in Spanish or Russian and subtitles in English. Black and white, unrated, 141 minutes.

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