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Peter, a young German, enters a suburban Buenos Aires restaurant

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Herencia DVD - 2001 film directed by Paula Hernandez.  Peter, a young German, enters a suburban Buenos Aires restaurant; seeking only directions, he instead accidentally ends up with a plate smashing into his head, thrown by the irritable Olinda, the 60 year-old Italian immigrant owner of the restaurant.  The two develop a friendship once they discover that the reasons for their having moved to Argentina are strikingly similar.
Hernandez presents a story about the intertwining of people's lives that is most appropriate for Buenos Aires as this beautiful city has long been known as a safe haven refuge for Europeans and North Americans alike.
Olinda (Oli - played by Rita Cortese) is a small restaurant owner who serves her neighborhood: most of the customers are old friends and Oli barely ekes out a living, cooking with the help of one helper - Angel. She has 'decided' to sell the restuarant to make enough money to return to her home country - Italy. Into her life pops a young German visitor Peter (Adrian Witzke) in search of his long lost girlfriend he met there some years ago. Without anything but a picture to guide him and speaking minimal Spanish, he frustratedly happens into Oli's restaurant and is befriended by her, ultimately being allowed to sleep on the bar, be hired as a barkeep and handyman. Oli 'adopts' Peter spiritually and together they share their dreams as fellow traveler/immigrants despite the significant difference in their ages. The way the two cope with love [Oli with her artist companion (M. Adjamian), Peter with his irretrievable lost love and then new found one (Julieta Diaz)]; the need for acknowledging roots and holding on to the good things of the past; the way they resolve their needs - all make for a very tender love story. The cast is superb - every character well cast and performed. Unrated, 90 minutes. In Spanish and German with optional English subtitles.

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