Henri Henri DVD

2014 French Canadian film directed by Martin Talbot.

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Henri Henri DVD - 2014 French Canadian film directed by Martin Talbot. Henri attends to the upkeep of the lights and lamps in the convent where he has been living since early childhood. Orphaned and forgotten by all, Henri is timid and withdrawn. One day, he is forced to leave the protective walls of the institution and is suddenly sent out into a world that is foreign to him. Led by his naivety, he tries to bring light into the lives of people who are, like him, alone. He especially tries to revive the fire in Helene's heart, the beautiful box office clerk, who lives in an obscure world and who Henri is secretly in love with. / Orphelin oublié de tous, timide et effacé, Henri entretient les lampes et luminaires du couvent où il vit depuis sa plus tendre enfance. Forcé un jour de quitter les murs protecteurs de l'institution, le jeune homme est soudain projeté dans un univers qui lui est étranger. Porté par une innocence candide, il va tenter de tirer de la noirceur les gens qui, comme lui, sont isolés. Il va surtout chercher à rallumer la flamme dans le coeur d'Hélène, la belle guichetière, celle qui vit dans un monde noir et sans lumière dont il est secrètement amoureux.  Stars Catherine de Sève, Sophie Desmarais, Marcel Sabourin and Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles as Henri.  In French with optional English subtitles.  Rated G in Canada, 99 minutes.

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