DVDs to teach French to young children

DVDs to teach French to young children

All the French dvds in this category are for region 1 for the U.S. and Canada. These are French dvds to teach French to young children and are designed for children who are learning French

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  • Bilingual Baby French DVD

    Introduce over 60 words and phrases by completely immersing your child with a dvd and optional flashcards.
  • Bilingualbee Alphabet

    Multingual dvd teaches letters in French, Spanish, English, German and Turkish - all on one dvd.
  • Bonjour les Amis # 1 DVD

    Teach French to young children with Moustache, France's most lovable cat.
  • Bonjour les Amis # 2 DVD

    Let's visit Chaville, the village where Moustache lives.
  • Bonjour les Amis # 3 DVD

    Moustache wants to race! Un, Deux, Trois, Partez! That means 'One, Two, Three, Go!'
  • Bonjour les Amis 1-3 DVD set

    Get all 3 DVDs of 'Bonjour les Amis' and your child will enjoy learning French with Moustache
  • First Fun with French dvd

    Teaching French dvd based on the popular First 100 Words in French.
  • Little Pim French DVDs

    Little Pim is a 3 disc introduction to more than 180 French vocabulary words and phrases.

8 Item(s)


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