Là où je dors volume 1 dvd

9 videos of a day in the life of French speaking children from different countries - now with English OR French subtitles!!

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Là où je dors  volume 1 dvd. This brand new dvd (released in June 2016) depicts a day in the life of 9 French speaking children in different countries.  View these dvds with or without English or French subtitles.  This is the first in a series of dvds.  Volume 1 has 2 discs, one with the 9 videos and 1 with 2 pdf files - Infolettres with additional information on each child and country and the second offers two different activities to do with the videos.  On volume 1 are:

1) Jimmy lives in Bujumbura, in Burundi. He lives in the street, and sleeps where he can. 

2) Carmen et Manzak, two sisters with very different tastes, share a room in Antananarivo, in Madagascar. 

3) Zoé lives with her French family in a Brooklyn apartment, in the United-States. In her room, there's a big box full of costumes.

4) Souad - The house where she lives with her family in Morocco is simple. There isn`t any electricity and water must be drawn from a well. Souad doesn`t have much in her room. 

5) Jacques is a New Caledonian (near Australia). He lives on the seaside in a sheet metal home with his family. The house is a single-room and the kitchen is outside. His favourite pastime is hunting and fishing. 

6) Naesha lives in Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. Everything in her room reminds her of the sea and her beloved dad. 

7) Rose-Aline et Bryan Algonquin twins - live in a tiny wooden house on the Kitcisakik reservation, near the mining city of Val D`or, in Quebec, Canada.  

8) Anselme lives in Bretagne, France, near the sea. His room collects all his favorite stuff, especially his surf board! 

9) Luan lives in the heart of Montreal. She has a small, colorful room, a bunk bed and she loves music. She wants to become a star. 


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