Readeez Volume One DVD

Readeez are a new way to learn ESL.

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Readeez Volume One DVD - Readeez are a new way to learn reading, math, ESL, spelling and other useful things. A Readee is a short video, usually musical, where you see and hear every syllable at the same time. We call this SyllableSync. More than 150 Readeez have been produced so far. Readeez were created by Michael Rachap.

1. They're truly entertaining. Kids adore the original songs and characters in Readeez. They love watching—and the more they watch, the more they learn.

2. Words are the stars. Text is the dominant element onscreen. Big, clear text. In fact, Readeez are more like books than they are like other videos.

3. Readeez use SyllableSync. With this breakthrough technique, kids both see and hear each syllable of each word. Simultaneously. 

Volume One includes:
1. The Readeez Program
2. How 'Bout that Cow
3. Brrrrrrr
4. Geometreez
5. A Readee Is
6. Circle and Square
7. Newseez
8. Lightning Sandwich
9. Ten Little Isabels
10. The Why of Why
11. Call and Response
12. The Itsy Bitsy Spider
13. Opinions
14. I Like Words
15. Hangin' Around
16. Four Jacks
17. Indescribable
18. German Counting Songee
19. Wordeez
20. Pangrams
21. Take me out to the ball game
22. Vacation Rhymee
23. Tongue Twister
24. Little Miss Muffet
25. Baa Baa Black Sheep
26. The Sevens Table
27. Documentation
28. Our Song
29. Sandy Beach
30. Closing Credits

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